Dexygenized Gas Pressure &
Replace Injector:GR-8


  • It is a device injecting anoxia gas in an airtight culture container.
  • It is the space-saving design that is more compact than IP -8 type.
  • For lock basis specifications, I can use syringe filters such as D Mick.
  • Completely removing the oxygen of mixtures by letting a built-in reaction pipe go through.
  • Because I completely make the plumbing sealing up system, I come by injection pressurization to greatest 0.2Mpa.
  • A reaction pipe is done temperature control of and can maintain the most suitable temperature.
  • When I was overheated by any chance, I intercept a heater power supply by prevention function of a temperature rise.
  • I can grasp exhaust, the injection pressurization situation by meter at first sight.

  Gas substitution device GR-8 Gas substitution device GR-8
  Gas substitution device GR-8 Gas substitution device GR-8
Model number Article name / a product summary
GR-8 Dexygenized Gas Pressure & Replace Injector:GR-8
GR-8 Dexygenized Gas Pressure & Replace Injector:GR-8
( belonging to the vacuum pump outside)

A use


It is a device injecting anoxia gas in an airtight culture container for methane bacteria culture of an anaerobic bacterium. Vacuum exhaust and anoxia gas injection can easily pressurize it with one knob by putting a thorn in an exclusive airtight culture container (a pressurization culture test tube).

Machinery specifications, others

  ■ Main body specifications
External form dimensions W480 X D350 X H380mm
Weight 16kg
Power supply AC100V, 250W
Constitution and control of deoxidation department
Materials of a reaction pipe Stainless steel
A catalyst Reduction copper
Overheat department heater A stainless steel sheath heater
100V, 200W
Temperature control system Electronic temperature control device
(Switch it on/off by CA thermocouple use, a relay and control it)
Temperature range 0-400 degrees Celsius
Setting temperature 220 degrees Celsius
Gas pressure indication - 0.1Mpa to 0.3Mpa
A needle joint Eight lock basis X
A kind of use gas It is a mixture including hydrogen as a general rule
Gas connection mouth shape 1/8 inches black nylon tube 4m attachment.
In nylon tube tip 1/8, a female connector is with it.
(I have access to gas regulator on this part.) It is possibility for change to push one couplings;).
Main body side vacuum pump mouth shape.
# A vacuum pump with an option
Correspondence: Attaching externally

■ Time without a vacuum pump A Φ 10.5 bamboo shoot hose mouth hose is attached The hose which I do not do it, but exhaust lengthiness of a reel of film or tape of Φ 20X7 .5 . I recommend it.
■ When a vacuum pump is with it.
1/8 push one couplings.
Transparent urethane tube Φ 8X5mm2m is with it .

■ Vacuum pump specifications (as for the vacuum pump, for it with an option): Attaching externally)
Model name A diagram Fulham type doh rye vacuum pump
An exhaust velocity 50Hz:20L/min
Arrival pressure 200Pa.
A use motor One Φ 100V 4P condenser orchid .
It is with a thermal protector (automatic return type)
The rating output 80W
A rating electric current 50/60Hz 1.46A
Turn speed 50Hz 1320r.p.m
60Hz 1500r.p.m
Use atmosphere temperature 7-40 degrees Celsius
Appearance dimensions W161XD327XH217mm
Weight 7.5kg
Inlet port shape Push one coupling EC8-PT1/8
Inlet port connection Urethane tube transparence
U2-4-8X5(Diameter 8x5mm X 2m attachment)

User's Manual Download

GR-8 User's Manual Download Now (PDF·145kB)
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Dexygenized Gas Pressure & Replace Injector:GR-8
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